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The caviar ceremony

An exclusive event for true connoisseurs.
There is only one way to serve the freshest black caviar to your table that is to deliver a live sturgeon. We’ll teach you how to extract black caviar! There is no point to miss such an opportunity.
The sturgeon is split in front of your guests or in a specially prepared kitchen in true craftsman’s fashion, i.e. on ice in order to prevent the stress spoiling the taste of the roe. It is done as fast as possible, in quick measured motions, the same as it had been done for centuries at the fisheries after catching. The master of ceremonies knows just about everything about the origins of the fish, or how it is raised, or how the caviar is prepared.
Led by the instructor you would be able to screen the roe through a special sieve fit for a master caviarer. Just a couple of minutes and you would be ready to enjoy the marvelous taste of the royal delicacy.
Икорная церемония - Золото Каспия
An hour for the Royal Fish
Our Caviar Ceremony program for your corporative or private event is designed to take about 60 minutes.
For such an advent, the sturgeon is to be specially prepared – it spends several months in clear and cold water as it would naturally in winter season. The fish is transported in a special vehicle in order to maintain the necessary thermal conditions.
The sturgeon would not arrive alone – it is accompanied by a master of ceremonies who would tell everything about the nuances of the event and demonstrate the royal fish to your guests.
Would you like to take a commemorative picture? By all means, do!
Table appointments
In five short minutes the caviar is ready! The reprieve of archons and sybarites would be served in special caviar dishes fashioned in the shape if crystal fishes.
The Hot Finale
In the end, to contrast the cold caviar, we’d serve the baked sturgeon as a compliment. To your good health!
Are you a gourmet? Or a purist?
First off, the master of ceremonies would propose your guests to take a tasting of clean, unsalted roe.
Only then a pinch of salt is added to fully explore its taste and mark the difference.
That is all a true connoisseur would need. Although, as our presentation is intended to be a culinary adventure, you would always have a choice: either to fall for aestheticism adding a drop of truffle oil, or show yourself a neophyte by choosing a lemon (please, refer to the etiquette page, for good’s sake).
Икорная церемония - Золото Каспия
Икорная церемония - Золото Каспия