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Our wealth


We share the knowledge worth gold
We would help to choose a perfect gift for the loved ones and present it in due form
We’ll entertain our clients with caviar and teach to understand it. We’ll serve it to your table just in time for a family dinner or a celebratory repast for a special occasion. Each our client is golden already.
The freshest black caviar made to order
A proposal for true connoisseurs, apposite for a soiree with a black tie dress-code... or a very private romantic evening. Please, try to plan your event in advance so that you could amaze your guests with the most delicate flavor of the unique delicacy.
Choose caviar as a gift
The occasions are endless – a congratulation, a sign of care and kindness, a good way to share the joie de vivre. Anyway, the gift wrapping will impart to your gesture a special meaning. For that is how love and respect are expressed. Are you looking for the best choice? We are at your service.
Organizing a degustation and guidance
It is important not only to taste the caviar – from the traditional taste well known to the elder generation from their childhood to the refined soft-salted roe – but to listen to a caviar sommelier’s advice on how to serve it properly according to the rules of etiquette and with the apposite drinks. By the way, his recommendations may prove useful to your guests for a solemn affair or a soiree your are planning.
The caviar ceremony
An exclusive event for true connoisseurs. There is only one way to serve the freshest black caviar to your table that is to deliver a live sturgeon. There is no point to miss such an opportunity.

Why is this important? We are trying hard to keep the caviar in the cold prison at all times. We preserve the taste for you to savor it in all its glory.

When you buy a package of The Caspian Gold caviar it is immediately placed into a thermal insulation package right from the refrigerator. The size of your purchase, the time of delivery and the distance the caviar will have to travel are the factors which allow us to decide whether to add special cooling elements or not.

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