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Rule №1

Ice, mother-of-pearl, and... a pinch of common sense
Heaven forbid, never touch the caviar with a metal spoon!
The only proper place for metal is in your voice pronouncing this tenet

A fish-egg is living, precious, and vulnerable thing. To break the capsule too early is to spoil the pleasure you have been looking for. And it costs dearly.

Moreover, metals add a specific flavor to taste whereas they further oxidizing. Such an inverted alchemy turns gold into useless raw materials. Take our word for it and do not conduct dangerous experiments. Submit to memory the following magic incantation: ‘The caviar loves cold and crystals, it hates metals and acids.’

Table appointments

The haute cuisine dictates the caviar is to be served in special bowls – a crystal one, for example. Then it is necessary to fill it with cubed ice and place inside another conical receptacle. Place nacreous spoons next to it, the mother-of-pearl would save the caviar’s capsule from breaking and it agrees wonderfully with the color of black roe adding an aesthetical joy to gastronomical pleasure. You may substitute crystal with glass as well as use horn or bone spoons instead of mother-of-pearl. Wooden ones are welcome too (just make sure the species does not have oaky or resinous flavor). All in all, even a plastic spoon would do! The only aim is to avoid metal. Any metal.

Except gold.

If you are planning to treat your guests with caviar in the comfort of your own home, you might order your cook to make a set of edible spoons of unleavened flour instead of toasts or crackers. It’s two-in-one decision, surprise your guests!
A piece of advice:
The necessary thermal conditions

It is a matter of life and death for your delicacy as well as for your reputation. When black caviar is transported abroad onboard of a plane, delivery services use special containers filled with cooling elements. It is a bit easier for us as The Caspian Gold is delivered to our clients ASAP, the cooling is still absolutely necessary, though.

As a matter of fact, even your home fridge is a place too warm to store caviar for long. The maximum is four week, and we recommend no more than two. It is important to store caviar at the very border of zero and negative temperature, but no more than 2 grad Celsius. And the caviar is never to be frozen!

For how long should the package stay in room temperature before it is opened and placed on ice in the bowl?

You may, of course, replace it in a nacreous or crystal caviar dish if it is well cooled beforehand, but in that case you risk damaging the fish-eggs. The report goes the roe capsule will become to soft and begin to oxidize in the air if you take the package from the fridge and open it well in advance. Three to five minutes is more than enough to decant caviar and let it breathe as a good wine. The other line of thought is to take out the package fifteen minutes before the meal and open it just a moment before serving. When placed in more than 4 grad Celsius temperature for 4+ hours, caviar loses its unique taste altogether. Of course, it matters only if some of the luxury is left after the event.

So why do you hesitate? The best way to enjoy life is to take it all. And right away!