Black caviar «Exclusive Classic» -

Black caviar «Exclusive Classic»

Exclusive Classic
Just as we remember

The unforgettable taste of black caviar

Black caviar «Exclusive Classic» - Золото Каспия Black caviar «Exclusive Classic» - Золото Каспия
подарочная упаковка - Золото Каспия
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We remember it since childhood, yet we love it still

Do you remember The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food and the Soviet posters with We must coerce ourselves to eat black caviar?

If you do, you must still remember the traditional recipe –3.5% of salt.

Exclusive Classic Series is the best quality caviar of Russian sturgeon produced in limited amounts, it comprises just 8% of roe extracted from hand-picked herd of fish age 15+ years.

A treat without an occasion, just at your whim, and a luxurious refreshment on festive days.

Are you preparing a celebration? Let’s plan it together meticulously – from serving the roe at required temperature range to defining the necessary quantity according to the scale of your event, menu, and table layout.

Black caviar «Exclusive Classic» - Золото Каспия