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For all differing tastes and colors
We aspire to preserve the diversity as well as the value of the exclusive product by offering a wide choice. Only one thing is unvarying, its quality
The gradations of black caviar shades – from golden to the darkest one – as well as its noble taste are born of genes that are passed among the sturgeon species for 200 million of years. Each fish is unique – the same as natural gems, one can never find two identical ones.
«Exclusive» soft-salted

Lo and behold – a true treasure, the soft-salted roe (often pronounced by the foreigners in the Russian manner as malossol) that made the Caspian famous in the whole wide world. For the most sophisticated clientele we offer the freshest black caviar, made to order. The softest salted caviar contains just 2.8% of salt. It cannot be stored longer than fifteen days. No preservatives, just our skills and traditions.

«Exclusive Classic»
It is always apposite on a cruise liner, in an expensive hotel or restaurant chain. Or in your own home where no one would keep you from savoring your caviar.
«Astrakhan Premium»

Now, it is possible to buy caviar in any season – just find a proper occasion.

No doubt, you’d find a lot of them for the most important people in your life.


The lower Volga in the floodplains of Astrakhan used to grant fishers an uncanny luck – they could extract five kilos of roe from one giant sturgeon.