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Rule №2

A warm kiss a la russe

Alike to noble beverages, caviar is to be savored. Take our word for it, the experience is so intimate that it would serve you better to indulge it alone before proposing roe to your best friends and dear guests. Heed our advice and you might easily pass for an expert!

Ready? Now, shut the door. Let’s get down to it!

A hint for beginners: you’d be surprised to find out that excellent caviar (e.g., The Caspian Gold) does not taste salty. Russian caviarers schooled for 15 years by elder masters before working independently introduced to the world a Russian word malossol. It is usually not translated into other languages and used as it is, in original form. Enthusiasts and experts describe the true taste of black caviar like this: imagine a mouthful of fresh ocean breeze.

Now, a bit of practice. Scoop a small quantity of roe with a nacreous spoon, softly, so that none of the glistening black spheres got damaged: the bigger they are and the more regular their shape the more is their value. Now, breathe. You might want to close your eyes in anticipation. Does it smell fish? Not at all! That’s your second lesson and an A for it.

What taste and aroma am I to expect?

Let the taste unfold
vRelax. And do not rush it. Some people just swallow the fish-eggs whole in their pursuit of pleasure; but the real zest is to press each ripe, soft yet taut egg to your palate with the tip of your tongue. There they burst and melt much like butter leaving the finest note of a nutty aftertaste. Only a true purist can fully experience it as one who prefers the pure sensations – nothing but the caviar. Each tiny moment of rapture lasts for a couple of minutes if you give it enough time and savor the delicacy without unnecessary haste.

Would you like an unmarred experience of tasting caviar a la russe?

Let’s imagine you are ready to take a shot of vodka in your hand: your elbow is semiflexed yet not at all tense. Set your thumb aside, put a small spoonful of roe in the slight depression between it and the index finger – just do so carefully, so that no one fish-egg is damaged. Yes, place it against your skin, daringly! Take another long and calm breath for the warmth of your body could help the caviar to unfold its aroma and taste in a series of fleeting moments.
And now, the most intriguing of it

Try not to touch the roe with your lips dropping it with the tip of your tongue right into the mouth as if you are kissing your own hand. Did you manage it? Great! You are a true expert in the sweets of life, God damn it!

The ritual was born in the age when the tasting of caviar was an obligatory thing before the purchase. Yet suppliers often had just one spoon! By the way, the tradition dictates your skin must remain unmarred with any smell – if the caviar was of excellent quality, of course.