Black caviar «Astrakhan Premium»

Astrakhan Premium
Status. Refinement. Style

This caviar is made to ancient recipes that impressed Alexandre Dumas himself

Black caviar «Astrakhan Premium» - Золото Каспия Black caviar «Astrakhan Premium» - Золото Каспия
подарочная упаковка - Золото Каспия
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Tsar Mikhail, the first of the Romanov Dynasty, established the monopoly on selling caviar to foreigners

A special Prikaz of the Boyar Duma was to maintain it, and the price for a Russian pound if roe was set at three silver rubles. Soon, merchants from France, Britain, Italy, Flanders, and Spain began travelling to Russian fisheries. They were reselling the caviar for almost twice the price, making good profits.

Black caviar «Astrakhan Premium» - Золото Каспия

The grand fisheries on the Volga that produce roe and salt-cured fish for the whole of Russia (the fishers there are not only Russians, but the people of the East as well – Tartars, Persians, Georgians, and Armenians) are subdivided into three great periods.

They prepared for us the caviar of the biggest sturgeon in the haul. The poor thing must have weighed 300-400 kilos: its roe filled 8 barrels about 10 pounds each. Half of the roe was salted and the other half was to be eaten fresh. The salted caviar went to France.


A sign of special care

Astrakhan Premium gets to the buyer much faster than it used to in olden days. Then, black caviar, a seasonal treat was rushed to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg by troikas of Russian yamschiks.

The series’ special package design stresses the meaning of your gift.

If you plan to take your caviar abroad as a souvenir we shall prepare all the necessary documents for the customs.

Don’t forget that, according to the regulations, each traveler may take abroad no more than 250 g of the treasured delicacy.

Black caviar «Astrakhan Premium» - Золото Каспия